Sunday, December 20, 2009

W i n t e r : : S o l s t i c e

winter solstice (from latin sol stitium, sun stand)
is the moment when the sun in its apparent path reaches it
s southermost point in the northern sky before reversing its course in the northern hemisphere
the winter solstice brings the shortest day and the longest night.

Ancient civilizations celebrated winter and summer solstices with monuments and rituals. Stonehenge and Newgrange were aligned to mark the sun passage during these special days of the year cycle.
Nature takes time to peacefully rest and conserve energy: birds migrate to warmer climates, several animals hibernate and plants stay dormant, waiting to awake and renew in the spring.
Let's respect this period of the year in its peaceful beauty, celebrating rest and quiet.
For several years I have celebrated the winter solstice by recording the setting of the sun during its shortest appearance on earth: by photography, video,with a a meditation or yoga practice
Join me in a celebration of winter solstice 2010. Send photographs, poems or thoughts. from wherever you are during this winter solstice to, if you wish to post your celebratory memories in this blog.
Or simply virtually join me in a meditation, yoga, dance practice or quiet, while observing the sun setting, in celebration of nature peaceful rest.
Om Shanti
Sun rising at Sun Farm during 2008 winter solstice
Music: Thirteen, by Andrew Shapiro